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Supporting our customers through COVID-19 A message from our CEO Alexey Popov

We are all being hit very hard by the outbreak, both in our business and personal lives, with staff or family members falling ill to the virus or having to self-isolate.

Whilst we all adhere to the necessary precautions, we do sincerely hope that our technology is going to help relieve stress on organisations by allowing them to continue to offer the best service under the new conditions. We are all experiencing a large increase in the volume of customer calls everywhere right now and the need to redouble efforts to solve our customers’ problems and address their individual concerns.

At this time, I would particularly like to reach out to our existing customers and beyond, in order to stress that we are ready to help you in whatever way we can, whether by assisting in enhancing your systems - providing you with more automation where it is needed, or delivering our solutions that can really help make a difference to those who are new to Spitch. Where required, we can provide urgent support to your agents working from home. Our out-of-the-box services, up and running from day one, can achieve this with the absolute minimum or no disruption whatsoever to the operation of existing systems and staff workflows.

Furthermore, whilst the current crisis continues to rage, we will not be looking for any setup fees for our out-of-the-box services since we are only too aware of the considerable financial stresses that organisations are presently facing.

Lastly, I would like to provide the assurance that anything you do now, whether enhancing existing systems or implementing new ones, will not in any way be wasted, and that we will ensure that the benefits that our technology brings now will also keep delivering, and so will continue to be helpful to your organisations, staff and customers, when at last we start to go forward again.

Warmest Regards