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Spitch is ready to run the Zurich marathon

IMG_20190403_165857.jpgSpitch corporate group will take part in the annual Zurich marathon on Sunday, April 28. There will be not just individual races for athletes of different levels of training, but also a race for the groups - Zurich marathon teamrun. It involves teams of 4 people who can choose different distances and overcome them in 4 stages.

The Spitch team will participate in the prestigious Zurich marathon for the first time. All team members are very excited and determined to win. They are thoroughly preparing for the marathon and will go to the start in Spitch branded T-shirts.

Zurich marathon is not only a sports festival, but also a charity project. For the fifth time, marathon participants will run in support of the availability of clean water, sanitation and hygiene to citizens of Mozambique. Proceeds will go to help children and residents of Maputo. The Spitch team is pleased to be involved.