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Spitch – not just a technical, but a business benefit solution provider. Speech technologies are increasingly present in every area of our life. We can help you to catch up!
All the solutions are accompanied by dedicated professional services
All the solutions include business process optimisation consulting, project ROI calculation, project management etc
We develop new solutions for emerging industries and bespoke solutions for clients with nuanced requirements
If you did not find precisely what you need in our list — please contact us
The ability to handle customers’ insurance claims in automated mode. Up to 80% of clients’ claims could be processed in a fully automated mode.
Insurance companies are required to identify the customer in some customer service calls. Traditional identification is based on asking security questions e.g. mother’s maiden name and other details. Up to 99% customer satisfaction.
The ability to produce a precise call topic definition and steer the customer calls to the right agents in automated mode. Fast and seamless implementation. 20% processing time reduction.
Automated protocolling of conversations with customers by means of an advanced speech-to-text engine, trained on the voices of the company’s customers to ensure the highest accuracy, allows making all records fully searchable by keyword/ phrase and ready for machine-driven analytics. Customer satisfaction up to 99%.
Our solution can process damage reporting calls in a fully automated way, checking if the caller is insured and informing the customer that he or she will receive a call/e-mail with further instructions on how to get the car fixed. Hundreds or even thousands of calls may be processed at the same time without any human involvement.
It is difficult for an Insurance contact centre agent to know everything about every insurance product of the company. Our solution (developed jointly with our partner) will understand what the customer is saying by means of keyword extraction and support the agent with topic-specific information in real time. E.g. if the customer is telling the agent that he is going to Albania on vacation by car, our system will recognize “Albania” and “car” and provide all the relevant information to the agent about car insurance coverage in Albania.
Spitch solutions identify callers and verify customer identities in a natural conversation. The process is more secure than fingerprints, as biometric properties of one’s voice are technically harder to copy and reproduce. With the help of our speaker verification solution, personal private banking advisers will have biometric proof of caller identities available throughout the course of phone conversations.
An ideal solution for improving customer experience quality, and simultaneously lowering costs by reducing an average call duration. High accuracy and improved issue resolution rates are achieved through the seamless integration of both state-of-the-art speech recognition and semantic interpretation technologies, which facilitate automation of standard business processes.
Prevention of identity fraud and identification of fraudsters by voice during a real-time contact centre conversation is also facilitated by Spitch solutions, which can check a caller’s voiceprint against a ‘black list’ of known fraudsters.
Our SLT solutions work in real-time and extract real meaning. The extracted information can be used to fill in forms, bring up prompts and script options, as well as provide timely and effective offers to customers based on sales personalisation profiling and big data.
We offer comprehensive voice-driven solutions for retail and corporate banking in collaboration with our partners. Hands-free banking with the possibility to seamlessly switch among devices and continue your transactions – this is our definition of opti-channel / omni-channel banking. This use case is relevant both to compliance with disability protection legislation, as well as evolving generational expectations.
Friendly multi-lingual, multi-dialect 24/7/365 solutions can always support customers regardless of call centre operating hours. Spitch solutions can provide information on your account balance and recent transactions, or be used to block lost or stolen credit cards, change spending limits, and much more.
Compliance laws often require that all call centre conversations are recorded. Every bank needs to record every word spoken in their trading rooms in order to help prevent illegal activities. The Spitch CodyFi solution can be used to process these audio archives, and index them for keyword or key-phrase search.
NIST (the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology) announced recently that SMS is no longer considered secure for 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). One solution to this is to use Spitch solutions to securely verify customer identities.
According new regulations in some countries like Switzerland, banks can verify the identity of a new client not only face-to-face but also via remote video with mandatory call recording. Spitch solutions can be used to index the recorded content, as well as enroll the client for voice verification during the first conversation.
Spitch solutions can be effectively used to control staff access to sensitive information resources within a bank’s information system, update passwords, and more. The multi-lingual, multi-dialect capabilities of Spitch CodyFi can be used to analyze and monitor internal conversations.
Spitch’s audio surveillance suite delivers cost-effective regulatory compliance (MiFID II, etc.) and additional security by seamlessly monitoring external customer & internal staff calls 24/7. Essential features include: call transcription for easy analytics, biometric identification of parties in the call, quick and easy extraction of information for regulators and security, and many more.
Contact Centres & Telecoms
Measure and predict customer satisfaction through statistical analysis of keywords and phrases found in spontaneous customer speech. Calibrate and confirm the accuracy by combining this feature with automated post-call surveys
Spitch solutions provide high accuracy natural language-driven call steering, combined with the high-quality customer service provided by human operators. This reduces average call handling time and the level of operator stress, and helps automate form-filling and other standard repetitive operations
Our speech solutions work in real-time and extract real meaning. This enables the immediate use of extracted information to bring up personalized offers or sales/service options, as well as provide timely and well-informed responses to customers. Spitch provides solutions that allow supervisors to produce personalized online agent-coaching that can be delivered to their agents to undertake at their own convenience
The Spitch hosted solution supports automated post-call surveys that can help you understand customer opinions about your company services. This can dramatically lower the cost of regular customer satisfaction and NPS evaluations as well as the time required to carry it out
Automated keyword extraction and analysis of key phrases on 100% of calls. Confidently assess compliance with quality standards, adherence to scripts, and efficiency, as well as other parameters as required by the client
Our speech solutions support for automated capture of a wide variety of relevant speech data, which can be used in combination with big data analytics to deliver a more detailed understanding of customer needs, preferences, and market organization
Full contact centre automation with intelligent voice-driven IVR utilizing the full spectrum of speech technologies, including semantic interpretation, emotion detection and sentiment analysis; automated response to queries on schedules and other journey-related information. Booking by voice (fully automated service); paying for tickets by voice and more.
Adding a voice user interface to ticket vending machines; capability to identify and verify drivers’ ID; ability to use voice to interact with accounting systems; VUIs for drivers’ and passenger apps; automated push notifications for passengers, driven by the driver's voice; and many more use cases are utilizing the advantages of Spitch’s NLP engine adaptable to perform with the highest quality in specific acoustic environments.
Automated advisor on any transport company web-site – deliver tips for customers, resolve most standard issues, answer queries automatically, and deploy interactive self-services including those based on outstanding geo-search expertise of the Spitch R&D team. Robotized personal assistants for social networks: chatbot for text messages; voice chatbot for mobile applications; and voice chatbot for mobile messengers.
Improve customer experience in a cost-effective way by always having access to data on customer satisfaction level; deploy real-time and retrospective analytics and feedback analysis; quality assurance and auto-prompts to contact centre operators and more.
Contacting customers by automated interactive mass calls to inform e.g. in case of emergencies, implement schedule changes and offer compensation options, receive instructions and apply upgrades, as well as collect feedback.
We’ve entered an age where customers will soon expect to be served efficiently after one sentence request in all channels (app, online, contact centre etc.). Browsing complex timetables and checking connections can be robotized to improve customer travelling experience.
Automation of repeated procedures – e.g. a template for an appendectomy – using speech input to bring up the template and fill in the information that is specific to the current patient | fill and execute prescriptions by voice, order lab tests, or order imaging with natural language requests: “I need an X-ray and MRI for patient A”.
Secure, passive caller identity verification/identification based on voice biometrics for remote services and personal/medical information exchange
Spitch can provide bespoke solutions tailored to deliver state-of-the-art accuracy for speech-to-text, precision voice search, and accurate keyword spotting
The Spitch solution can be used to provide secure patient records access for hospital staff. The same technologies can be used to control access to secure storage rooms
Friendly multi-lingual, multi-dialect speech recognition solutions that work 24/7/365 can save time in answering frequently asked questions, provide standard information, or even automate standard processes. Human agents will be free to focus on individual and specialized customer service
Our speech solutions work in real-time and extract real meaning. This enables the immediate use of extracted information to fill in forms, bring up prompts and script options, make appointments, and provide timely and effective instructions for patients
Government & Public Sector
Voice-driven call steering and queue reduction can help improve satisfaction with government services and simultaneously decrease operational costs by reducing average call handling time and the overall number of on-site visits. Spitch solutions can help deliver state-of-the-art accuracy for voice-driven IVR and call steering applications
Spitch provides technologies for verifying and identifying callers in a natural conversation. It helps deliver services remotely without the need for on-site visits. Voice biometrics can be used in tax collection, pensions/benefits management, and other government services, as well as for fraud prevention purposes (liveness detection, prevention of identity theft, benefits fraud and more). Spitch solutions can also be used for effective resource access control without the need to purchase new and costly equipment
The Spitch hosted solution facilitates automated outgoing calls to collect feedback and conduct surveys, including service quality and satisfaction analysis to understand taxpayer opinions. This provides a means of continuous improvement of e-government and remote services
Spitch envisions a new generation of Voice User Interface (VUI) tailored to the unique needs of the automotive industry. This facilitates a natural language, hands-free interaction and control of most in-car features. The VUI should be able to recognize driver hesitations to provide predictive guidance. Spitch solutions also aim to identify driver distraction to help improve safety
The Spitch solution can be utilized to further improve the access security for any automobile. We can work together with automobile manufacturers to add voice verification as an additional layer of automobile access security and to improve the settings personalisation experience
Spitch semantic interpretation technology, in conjunction with speaker identification facilitates extraction of not only gender and age, but also sentiment and other non-verbal features from any driver’s speech
Noise-robust acoustic models can be adapted to the unique characteristics of each target automobile. This helps ensure the highest possible ASR accuracy
With Spitch’s Speech Analytics mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) the automotive suppliers and manufacturers can embed speech analytics and voice biometrics capabilities in their solutions. This will enable the driver to manage the car via a mobile device using free speech (e.g. starting an engine, adjusting climate/air-conditioner before getting into the car, finding the car in the carpark, opening the boot, and in the future – using valet parking functions remotely). At the same time, the car will be able to verify the identity of the owner/speaker by means of voice biometrics (or use it as an additional security measure for multifactor authentication)
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