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Artificial intelligence and Voice User Interfaces in banking: long term trends

KPMG envisions an “invisible bank” of 2030: “there is no ‘banking app’ – access to money is interwoven with health, time management, leisure and friendship. Banks will be just as invisible, but just as vital, as the manufacturers of 4G base stations are today”.

The KPMG vision for the evolution of retail banking over the next 15 years is one of a disaggregated industry set for a period of significant structural reform. One of the dimensions of essential reform is customer experience management and omni-channel access to financial services.

Extrapolating from current trends in customer experience management related to voice biometrics, speech analytics, and universal chatbots indicates that eventually a transformational breakthrough can be expected by attaining precision in speech recognition on the one hand, and designing voice user interfaces linked to artificial intelligence on the other.

KPMG believes that the arrival of services such as Apple Pay – to which most banks have signed up – hints at a future where financial brands are hidden behind devices. It invites the question regarding the role of smartphones in automatic multifactor authentication involving voice and face biometrics, as well as implicit behavioural biometrics combined with simple knowledge-based passwords.

Devices like Amazon Echo, which are already used to access banking services, will most likely drive the ‘always-on’ voice user interfaces enabling access to a full scope of financial services. Within the next 3-5 years, it is highly probable that robots will be surpassing the scope of human capability in human-machine dialogue, which is already happening in mass calls segment.

At Spitch AG we are excited to be taking part in the effort to transform this space for you and your customers alike. We wonder what your thoughts are! Please share!

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