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Can Spitch Lingware Suite make the difference when implementing language processing technologies?

news_02.jpgThe business benefits of natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition technologies are well established. Some industries use it to enable automated form fills or for agent support, thereby saving staff time in customer contact centres and allowing specialists to focus on service rather than admin. Others use it to bring about greater security standards through caller identification, fraudster detection and secure voice banking.

It’s a future-ready technology that aids everything from productivity to efficiency across a range of industries. As such, every business with an eye on digital maturity is looking to bring a voice solution into their technology suite. However, implementation can be complex for partners, and requires achieving a fine balance between sufficient accuracy and fast time-to-market.

To help partners find the right approach when working with their clients, we are introducing Spitch Lingware Suite – a new solution that provides a complete set of tools for IT professionals to develop their own speech solutions. To introduce the solution we’ll be hosting a webinar on 26 June, where you can learn more about how to better implement language processing tech for your clients.

Learning about NLP

Some of the core aspects of voice and language technologies include helping businesses to streamline the acquisition of details for claims, improve credit card blocking and case transcription, and ensure that voice calls are automatically routed to the correct person – using voice alone as a vehicle.

Spitch Lingware Suite webinar will cover each of these topics in detail, drawing on case studies to expand on how voice driven call steering can reduce operator stress (for example), or why up to 80% of insurance claims can be processed automatically with the right solution in place.

Regulations and compliance

It’s also important to note that voice recognition has a compliance benefit, too. Recent Spitch blogs have looked at how the technology can work according to MiFID II and GDPR regulations – keeping businesses on side with the two pieces of legislation that have made headlines in 2018.

Expert led, expert informed

Our webinar will be centred on discussions around functionality and best practice – using previous cases to look at how implementation can be managed in a streamlined, efficient fashion. To ensure participants get the best advice, guidance and insight, it will be hosted by Spitch experts, who are well versed in the benefits and implementation of voice recognition and NLP technologies. And participants will be joined by peers and partners for knowledge sharing and discussion.

Join the webinar

We believe that voice recognition has the power and potential to revolutionise and streamline any industry. But it must be implemented correctly for that to happen. Join us on 26 June to discuss how you can build the right product for your clients, and to discuss the exciting future of voice and technology with your peers.


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