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Spitch’s voice-driven systems run with or without cloud / Companies can operate the speech system on their own corporate servers for maximum security

S03062019.jpg The Swiss Spitch AG offers speech systems that can be used with or without a cloud. With so-called on-premise-deployment, the application runs on servers in the corporate data center of the Spitch customers instead of receiving them as a service from the cloud. Higher data security is considered as the most important advantage: the speech system and all voice data remain completely on the company servers. This can be useful, for example, for banks or insurance companies who want to manage language-controlled financial transactions within their own company rather than through a cloud.

"Everyone can offer the cloud – us too", emphasizes Georg Theunissen, Sales and Consulting Director at Spitch, adding: "But we can also do on-premise – and hardly any other provider of language systems offers that."

Deployment in all major industries

The Swiss company Spitch is among the most technologically advanced providers of natural language processing systems for companies and governments. The systems of Spitch are already in use today in all major industries where the use of speech technologies is particularly useful. These include call and contact centers, banks and insurance companies, telecoms, the automotive and transportation industries, the healthcare sector as well as public services. The use of professional voice recognition systems enables cost savings of up to 50 percent and leads to an increase in customer satisfaction with cutting-edge technologies. Spitch's customer list includes the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), Swisscom, Swisscard and AMAG, the largest car dealer in Switzerland, among others.

Swiss roots for the world

With roots in Switzerland, Spitch is the only provider worldwide whose natural language processing systems are able to understand Swiss German dialects. What may sound curious at first glance is in fact a serious competitive advantage: For a software that is capable of understanding Swiss German, no dialect and no technical language – no matter which region or industry – will be too difficult.

Over 50 years experience with language technologies

Spitch's development team has more than 50 years of experience in research and development of spoken language technologies. This covers all the major areas including automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, speech biometrics, information retrieval as well as natural language processing and understanding. Spitch is recognized as a globally influential technology leader in the new innovative application areas for speech systems. These include, for example, speech biometrics (personal identification based on voice features) and automatic speech recognition using artificial intelligence.

Alignment with business processes

Spitch's consultants help select the right speech system for each application, align business processes and calculate the return on investment, along with project management and tailor-made customizations. Integration with traditional contact centers is easy. For customer support, Spitch offers a round-the-clock customer service. An internationally growing network of partners provides consulting, implementation and services around the world.

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