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Start the year right with these top four tips for dealing with customers

Start the year right with these top four tips for dealing with customers.jpgNow that 2018 has begun in earnest, it’s crucial to start the year as you mean to go on. If your business operates a contact centre as part of its operations, you’ll no doubt want to establish some best practices at the outset so that you’re continually delighting your customers throughout the year.

Automated speech recognition (ASR) technology can help you deal with your customers in a way that’s efficient for the business and the end user alike. Below are just some of the ways that ASR platforms can elevate the customer service experience when integrated as part of a self-service phone system.


1.    Direct customers to the right place first time around

Because automated voice recognition systems are programmed to such a high level of accuracy, they can easily detect the issue at hand, automatically delivering solutions or directing customers to the right agent. As a result, many customers don’t even need to speak to a human agent at all – we actually found that Natural Language Intelligent Voice Routing platforms have reduced agent intervention by 80%. And if the customer does need to speak to an agent, having had the customer automatically identified and verified, the system will direct them to exactly the right person they need to resolve their issues quickly, thus calls that do come into the call centre are typically reduced in time by a further 25%. This improves the experience for customers and reduces costs for businesses.


2. Serve customers even if an agent isn’t free

If there’s one thing that really frustrates customers, it’s having to spend hours waiting in a call queue to speak to an operator. One of the benefits of an automated system is that callers can immediately start having their issue addressed without having to wait for an agent to become available. What’s more, it means you can deliver a truly 24/7 service; automated services are always available to customers who are calling at any time of the day or night.


3. Reduce the amount of time spent doing verification

It’s incredibly tedious for customers to have to recite passwords and answer security questions on every call. It’s especially infuriating if they forget the password and must go through an even longer identity verification process. ASR systems can eliminate this problem entirely, as it will record a digital voiceprint of the customer’s voice to identify the user. Because the customer no longer has to remember a password, the amount of time spent going through the verification and identification stage is drastically reduced.


4. Engage your customers with something innovative

Perhaps one of the best things about self-serve phone systems powered by ASR is that customers actually love them. It’s a compelling, innovative tool that delivers a superior experience. Customers enjoy using it, which means implementing such a system actually builds loyalty. What’s more, it’s easy and quick to obtain and implement, meaning that you could be experiencing the benefits to productivity sooner than you think.

With benefits for customers and businesses alike, there could be no better start to the year than investigating how ASR could bolster your call centre operation.


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