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Technology delivers an improved customer experience

Technology delivers an improved customer experienceBusinesses should be ready to embrace data and use analytics tools to enhance their interaction with customers. The banking industry is a good example of how businesses use data from multiple sources to engage with customers.

A superior customer experience doesn’t just happen. Businesses need to intentionally drive outcomes by adopting best practices and strategic engagements with the right technology partner.

Customer experience is a topic that is challenging to tackle considering its breadth and depth. What is customer experience? How CSAT can be measured it ? Can one enhance it without losing focus on business growth?

Forward looking organisations use data analytics to provide contextual insight and drive customer marketing activities.

Listed below are some of the trends that drive positive customer experience.

Predictive and real-time

Technology has simplified how businesses can reach out to more customers, and has also complicated the nature of such interactions. It is crucial to gain insights and have an overview of every customer’s context, based on their behavioural, transaction, social and interaction histories. By predicting customer’s intent, companies can capitalise on opportunities across the interaction spectrum and deliver a superior customer experience.

One version of the truth

In today’s device-friendly ecosystem, the ways in which customers interact have changed tremendously. Customers have come to expect a unified multi-channel experience with access to the same data and functions. To meet customer expectations, businesses must ensure that their customer service strategies are both channel-agnostic and context-optimised.

Human intervention

As much as customers yearn for responsiveness, they demand the human element in these service interactions. Customers are fundamentally likely to trust people therefore humanity-infused customer experience will continue help strike the balance between these seemingly disparate expectations.

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