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Customers and Partners
We work with both integration partners and companies to create the perfect solution for each organisation, and tailor it to their particular requirements
Individual Attention & Specific Adjustments
Spitch is focused on meeting partners’ and customers’ needs by offering bespoke customization and adaptation of its solutions. We are continuously enhancing our solutions to fit your and your customer’s expectations
Flexible Pricing
Spitch offers extremely competitive and flexible end-user pricing for standard and premium licenses, as well as SaaS rates. We can also offer revenue sharing models for qualifying projects. Actual rates/share of revenue streams depend on the project’s complexity, scale, and scope of work
Breathing New Life in your Legacy Solutions
Partnership with Spitch will help refresh and transform some of the traditional call centre, conversation recording, analytics and other solutions, increasing sales and upholding reputation by means of integrating cutting-edge speech technologies
Partner Capacity Building and 24/7 Support
Spitch provides comprehensive A to Z 24/7 support as well as dedicated training programmes and certification to partners. A full range of services is available from remote coaching to on-site visits by specialists
Spitch Partners Network Speech technologies are increasingly present in every area of our life. We can help you to catch up! Download now

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