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The complex of 9 components


is a seamlessly integrated complex of several components that can be used together or as stand-alone products

* Omnichannel conversational platform
Gartner predicts that, by 2025, 30% of major enterprises will have selected a single, enterprise-wide, conversational platform that is leveraged as a front-end by business applications, both for customer service and for employee effectiveness improvement.
Several components that can be used together or as stand-alone products:

Intent Recognition

NLP/NLU and sentiment analysis approach ensure highly accurate intent recognition from free speech including dialects, colloquialisms and professional jargons in real time for high-precision call steering, robotic conversations and analytics.

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Virtual Assistants

Intelligent Voice Assistants replace outdated IVR and support first-line contact centre staff using an innovative hybrid dialogue approach combining scripts and DNN. CRM and robotic process automation (RPA) integration “out-of-the-box” allows developing action-enabled VAs.

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Speech Transcription

Speech-to-Text engine developed by Spitch delivers high-precision transcription functionality that enhances other Spitch products as well as the partners’ AI solutions. Innovative algorithms deliver impressive accuracy results «out of the box» adding value to voice applications, chatbots and other solutions and services straight away.

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Speech Analytics

Semantic Interpretation and Sentiment Analysis enable SA systems to support customer behaviour analysis and automated compliance in real time and off-line, among others, providing advanced characteristics of conversations that improve sales, business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics for spontaneous speech supports authentication in a few seconds, continuous speaker identity verification during the call, reliable identification and fraud prevention by comparing live voice with a database of voiceprints of any size in real time.

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Text to Speech

Text-to-Speech component relies on the hybrid approach combining real human voice with synthesized static and dynamic fragments. Thanks to DNN-powered predictive synthesis and minimal latency, a naturally sounding voice output is generated that can be adjusted precisely to the requirements of the client’s brand.

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Report Builder

Instrument that allows extracting important data for analytics from robotic dialogues to get new insights on call reasons distribution, call steering accuracy, most frequent errors, and many other parameters. The information extracted is used for models and scripts optimization in continuous operations mode.

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Lingware Suite

LS is an instrument that supports the full cycle of development and implementation of complex semantic and sentiment models, allowing developers to prototype and optimize as well as build new Spoken Language Technology (SLT) applications.

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Dialog Composer

Multichannel platform for creating multimedia self-services enables the development of application for interaction via phone, chat, messages and social networks. Supports open standards, real-time testing and debugging.

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Protocol Builder

Instrument to design, edit, and generate ready-to-use protocol templates based on typical customer conversations. It allows to create and deploy protocolling solutions tailored to industry-specific vocabularies, standard conversation scenarios and other client needs.

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