Spitch provides advanced speech technologies to help organisations better connect with their customers, enabling speech data to drive intelligent services.
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On May 24, Spitch and the British Banking Association (BBA) invite you to participate in a webinar on the advantages of speech technologies for banking. Speech technologies are beginning to have a significant impact on all kinds of the banking business all over the world. For you to benefit most and to facilitate expertise exchange on this topic with bankers from the UK, Switzerland and the international audience, the webinar will be held in English.
New section Demo appeared on Spitch company site offering video clips on capabilities of solutions by Spitch AG company, the technologies used, and advantages that these technologies deliver over traditional methods of call processing.
On 9-10 March 2016, Alexey Popov, the CEO of Spitch AG, participated in the bank innovation conference BankInno 2016. Spitch AG was the golden sponsor of the event and presented its state-of-the-art voice technologies at the conference. Key conclusions following the conference: banks are ready to invest in digital channels, are familiar with voice technologies, and intend to use them for big data analytics, IVR, and biometrics.
Spitch SignyFI
The Spitch semantic tagging and inference solution offers a high fidelity answer to all of your company's information needs.
Spitch VeryFI
Spitch provides a highly competitive, customizable Speaker Verification suite that can improve the security of your business with a minimum interaction from the user side.
Spitch CodyFI
Spitch ASR offers solutions supporting customizable expert grammars, dialplan design and implementation, domain adaptation and general speech-to-text conversion.
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